Hi everyone,
I'm a high school graduate just entering the world of social media. My friend introduced me to as an alternative to selling my soul to Google or Facebook.
I saw the words "anarchists" and "feminists" and immediately chose this Instance 😁
Currently running a campaign among school friends, trying to convert them to and break the stranglehold of WhatsApp and Hangouts

@smileybone Hi and welcome here :D !
Finally, an other XMPP user. I am not alone :').

@Sylvhem Yes! I know, right? It's frustratingly hard to convince people to use XMPP. I have a grand total of 8 conctacts😅

@smileybone Welcome, and you've made the right choice not to enter the Facebook purgatory. XMPP is also worth supporting and I use it myself.
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A welcoming instance for queer, feminist and anarchist people as well as their sympathizers. We are mainly French-speaking people, but you are welcome whatever your language might be.